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Pieces to some day view

This impressionist painting is a favorite of mine. It features soft brush strokes and the use of reflections. The medium is oil on canvas. Which works beautifully when the subject is flowers.
Oil on canvas. It's an emotionally dark painting with elements of composition that seem off. The moon doesn't face a way that is pleasing to the eye. One of the women appear to be as tall as the goat.
This Flemish Renaissance painting is oil on oak. It features saturated colors. There is much for the eye to look at in this painting. It's grotesque and seems unruly, yet the composition works great.
Impressionism oil on canvas. This painting features great use of light, shadows, and reflections. Water is a great subject to maximize those elements. Soft brush strokes seem to be ideal for clouds.
Oil on canvas. Could be post-impressionist painter's most famous work. Features soft brush strokes. Great use of composition leads the eye through the sky, then down into the town.
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