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Cycladic statue- Marble sculpture, typical of the period. Highly stylized representation of the female form. Flat, geometric quality, without distinct facial qualities or structure. Arms are folded across the stomach, distinct in the period.
Minoan Jug- linear patterns of spirals, triangles, curved lines. Also includes naturalistic designs of fish, squid, and flowers. Sweeping curves are emphasized by bold lines. Contrast between dark and light
Mycenaean sculpture- Terracota sculpture of a woman. Rough putline. Not rigid, no detail in the face. Arms and legs are not apparent, all typical of myceneaen sculptures.
Classical Greek Sculpture- This is a Realistic, proportional figure. A incredibly fit and athletic figure in the contrappasto proportions that appears to have a very calm, relaxed, and emotionless expression
Hellinistic sculpture that shows a lot of action. A high-energy sculpture with very emotional and dramatic faces
Greek archaic pottery- Red and black. Strong contrasting colors. Orientalizing style. Displayed ancient myths or battles to spread fame. This sculpture, in particular, shows a battle scene
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