Color is a simple aspect that we usually take for granted. Color has the power of influencing our perception, it enhances our feelings and sensations. Color might also trigger certain reactions towards different situations. It amazes me how such a simple thing can completely change the way in which we view things.                      Laura Duran   

This piece depicts the constant between the complimentary colors, blue and orange. It also transmits a balance between dark and light colors. The color blue helps create a sense of calm, while orange stimulates the emotional.
Canvas Details is conformed by a gradient of color that goes from a tone of wine to a very pale blue. On the left side we can see what appears to be the negatives of the predominant figures on the right. The fact that this pieces is made up of pastel colors, generates a soothing sensation.
900-50-80 is a work of art that really stands out. Its predominant color is yellow which immediately generates a sense of anxiety. The rest of the figures are also strong colors and lead the eye to the vanishing point of this pieces, which would be the pink shape.
Allard's piece is a superb example of how color can help to break the monotony of life. The colors are placed on an ordinary wall that could be found almost anywhere. These colors transmit joy and tranquility. This photograph follows the rule of thirds which allows the image to breathe.
As simple as this piece might seem, it’s one that really catches your attention. The fact that it’s a little tilted to the right generates a sense of unbalance. There’s a lot of contrast between the color palette that was chosen for this piece. The fact that it’s standing behind a white wall makes it stand out even more.
Kolehmainen’s piece is a clear depiction of contrast. It’s composed by two complimentary colors, orange and blue. The reflection on the lower left side creates texture, while the diagonal line that runs from the upper left side towards the bottom creates a sense of depth.
Vertical Lines is a piece that not only generates a feeling of depth, it also creates a sense of movement. The colors are primarily focused on the center of the image; colors green, yellow, and blue (which predominate the piece), transmit a feeling of excitement. When seen on a different perspective, it almost seems that this piece is composed by diagonal sparkles that create the illusion of vertical lines.
This composition is primarily made up of pink, red, and violet. The combination of these three colors generates a sense of power and attracts the attention of the spectator. The division of this image generates a feeling of volume.
Visual Echo Experiment is a piece that not only plays with color, it also plays with perspective and light. I found this piece very visually attractive. The selection of colors gives a futuristic feeling and the different positions of the white dots creates movement. It almost feels as if the piece is in movement.
Prachensky’s piece is very visually strong. There’s lots of contrast that’s generated from the use of complimentary colors (red and green), and also by the use of lines and circles. The lines guide you towards the circle situated on the lower left side of the piece. The use of black helps transmitting the strong feeling of presence, which is also aided by the paint splatters.
Credits: All media
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