Love, Sex, and Beauty

Venus is the Roman Goddess of Love. She symbolizes love, sex. and beauty. There are many different ways "Love" can be expressed and in this gallery I will use the Roman God of Love to express the different attributes of love. Each one of the pieces used to express a different aspect of love was created with different mediums.

Venus is embracing her child with a wonderful love between mother and child. There is a wonderful use of shading to create form here. the value here also creates a great contrast of color which directs our eyes throughout the piece.
The love of a family is portrayed here. The use of the color red behind the man, portrays a sense of power but the lightness of Venus draws our attention to her, which she portrays a sensual love for her family.
The complimentary colors used here make for a calming feel. This use of colors portrays a sense of calm caring type of love. This feeling continues into the soft touch of her hands in her hair and the softness of the fabrics draped across the piece. The values used on her skin versus the fabrics creates a good contrast in the piece.
Here Venus is made the subject by placing her in the foreground and using a light color. She is also made the subject of this painting by creating space. This was achieved by creating depth by placing Cupid behind her on the bed and by the use of darker colors. The use of soft textures creates a very sensual feeling to the painting as well.
Cupid seems to be wanting to show his mother, Venus something very important but she seems to be resting in this piece. Venus and Cupid are drawn with a soft line an shading to create a soft form. Where as, the other objects around them are drawn with a hard line which creates a deep contrast in the objects.
The simplicity here is what makes this piece wonderful to me. The color used against the light paper makes for great contrast. Shading was used well her to create form to the bodies. Form was used here to make the people the focus in this piece. The sensual touch Venus has with Paris is very sensual in this piece. I think this was achieved by the use of very soft undefined lines.
Venus is standing tall and painted in a bright color, which I think gives her some authority. Whereas, cupid is sitting and placed slightly behind Venus. Using these perspectives the artist achieved space. The artist also used color to achieve contrast to focus the viewers eyes on Venus. The artist wanted us to fixated on her beauty.
The values used in the background compared to the foreground here creates a wonderful contrast. Then the shading used to create a beautiful form on the bodies draws our attention to the beauty of Venus. Both Venus and Cupid seem to be very relaxed and calm in this piece and this is exhibited through the use of soft textures and soft lines used throughout this piece.
Venus seems to be admiring her beauty but in a humbling way. Althought she is looking at herself in a mirror which might be concidered vein, she does with some modesty (her hand covering herself). The wonderful use of deep contrast between the fabrics and her body draws our attention to her raw beauty.
A mothers love is wonderful to look at. Here you can feel the mothers love for her child as Venus embraces Cupid. The use of light to draw our eyes to the beauty of her skin which centers our interest is used wonderfully.
Credits: All media
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