Children at play

Depictions of childhood games, in various mediums, past to present.  This overview demonstrates that various methods and manners of play.

This parade of smiling children, wearing colorful clothing, are carrying typical toys of the era. The children are using these items to create a royal parade, demonstrating imaginative play.
This collection of well-dressed children are playing with a hobby horse. Their play is derived from experiences with real horses, which were common in this era. Toys are often derived from reality.
A line of boys, stretched across a field, playing Snap the Whip. They are exploring their own strength and stamina, instead of playing with toys. Tests of skill are common in childhood games.
A line of girls, stretched across a town square, playing an unknown game. This appears to be a capture game, demonstrating logic and reflex. Cooperation and coordination are part of group play.
Girls swing across rings in a playground, their movement demonstrated by the shadows below them. Playgrounds are a common source of play for children, fostering both independent and group play.
Two girl are illuminated by the marionette stage they play with. The puppet stage is a source of imagination, where children can explore cooperative play through interactive storytelling.
A boy plays with a toy crane, frame in the background by the life-size version of the vehicle. Toy vehicles are common playthings for children, used to explore the experiences of the adult world.
Girls play hopscotch on a chalk drawn circle in a playground. Hopscotch is a physical balance game common among scholar girls. It is an activity that combines group and independent play.
Two children play basketball on a graffiti covered court. Basketball, and other ball games, require physical activity and mental strategy. They are commonly played in teams, enhancing peer support.
A boy plays marbles in a dirt circle, the image is rendered in glass, giving the illusion of playing in a marble. The game of marbles in a strategy game played independently or in a group.
Children play hockey on a snow-covered street. Hockey is a cooperative team sport, played in winter months when other games are unable to be played, demonstrating resourcefulness and determination.
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