The Blues

Google Art Project by Yanely Ramirez

The "Full Moon" painting was chosen by me because I believe that the shading on the blue when it inches closer to the moon becomes lighter is important. You can also see the darkness around it.
The details and the color contrast of the waves tell you that the waves are powerful and clashing against each other. The sky with the dark blue also tells you it's gloomy and may rain.
Theres a lady sitting on the rocks and you can tell that she is enjoying the sound of the waves lightly touching the rocks. It's a peaceful day by the look of the gradient shade of blue.
In this painting you can tell that one side of the canvas is lighter than the other and in the middle you can see the contrast. There seems to be bullet holes to give it a little defining contrast.
This little village girl is adorned in all blue and even the background is blue as well. The artist wanted to emphasize the red carnation by this.
This image really captured my attention because even though it is so simple it still carries many shades of blue and also keeps a pattern.
"Light of the Earth" seems to appear as the horizon with the sky colors above and what could be the ocean is reflecting it to the bottom half. The blue starts off dark and becomes lighter coming down.
These friends are having a stroll by the beach and by the looks of the ocean and its blue colors it seems to be having a low tide and probably barely brushes their feet. This is a calm setting.
This impressionism by Monet is a view of the ocean with a rock in the background. He made the waves come alive by using blue and white at the junction of the sand and water.
Another impressionism by Monet captures boats out in the ocean in front of a church. Blue is used hand in hand with pink to create an afternoon setting.
"Study of the Sky" uses blue to illustrate the sky and white/gray to illustrate the clouds. He uses a very vivid blue in order to give the viewer the feel of a pleasant day.
"The Starry Night" is a famous painting by van Gogh which uses many different shades of blue to paint the night which becomes curious to me because blue on the other hand is also used for daylight.
This images immediately caught my eye because you can instantly see all the equal areas of blue. All images appear to be the "same", but are a little different. The blue sky ties it all together.
This painting looks really real. The blue mixed in with the white in the sky part of the image gives off the feeling that it is exactly what the sky would look like.
Emily Carr uses a beautiful blue to illustrate the sky but also uses curved lines when painting which may help to her overall illustration of her painting.
The painting blew me away. The tree is perfectly placed to be the pole that holds the flag and the blue used here combines perfectly with the red and it all has a cloud effect to it.
This image looks like an inverted image of the earth. The blue of the sky comes in many shades and if you zoom in you can see the details of the buildings or houses that are along the edge.
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