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Lilianna Lozada period:6

I chose this piece to show primary triadic because it has all the primary colors on the color wheel and that is the only set of colors you can see.
I chose this piece to show secondary triadic because it almost consists of both warm and cool secondary colors.
I chose this piece to show tertiary colors because if you look close within the boots there are different shades of brown mixed with dark purples,reds, and maroons.
I chose this piece to represent tetradic because within the painting there are sets of complimentary colors.
I chose this piece to represent analogous colors because there are different tints tones and shades of purple throughout the object of the artwork.
I chose this piece to show complimentary colors because although the front of the painting has cool blues and dark green and other cool colors, but in the back of it there are warm reds , yellows, and oranges throughout the sense of light source.
I chose this piece to show split complimentary because as you can see there are complimentary colors green and red. But there are also different hues and kinds of red , kind of like red's cousins.
THis piece shows warm colors because all you can see are the warm colors on a color wheel. The browns, reds,oranges and hints of yellow.
This piece shows cool because the blues, purples, and greens are all through the painting with no sign of warm colors at all. These colors give the artwork a cool feeling.
MY last piece shows monochromatic technique because nothing but tints, tones, shades, and hues of brown are present in the image.
Credits: All media
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