Renaissance perspective 

Jared Mazzola

urban planning-focusing on urbanization such as buildings central perspective-1 point perspective classicizing elements-things that bring the picture more together receding lines-lines that go farther
depiction- when art is depicted concurrent- happening at the same time Urbino- a very well known painting intarsia- an elaborate form or marquetry using inlays in wood
friar- a term for a preacher pulpit- a raised platform facade- the face of a building interior- relating to the inside
proportion- a part spore- adopted from bacteria insinuates- suggestion or hint farce- an absurd event
monumental- something of great size bourgeois- someone in middle class testaments- something that serves as a sign picturesque- visually attractive
court painters- artists that draw the royal families proficient- competent or skilled landscapes- something wider than its height calligraphy- decorative handwriting
oil paint- a type of medium that artists use whimsy- playfully quaint inclusion- including something smudged- to become messily smeared
molds- a distinctive style phenomenon- a problem that is existing actualize- make reality of information structure- usually describes the way information is told in a sentence
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