Blue Skies

Blake Geiger

I chose this as my first in the gallery because of the very soft blue sky. The photo has a calming effect to it.
Alpine pasture also features a soft slue sky. The mountains in the background have nice detail to them. It reminds me of the terrain back home.
Now The Tower of Babel is the first to not feature a soft blue sky. Instead it has a more depressing, darker blue that adds to the towers evil appearance.
Similar to The Tower of Babel, The Starry Night has a darker blue for the sky. The trees on the left add to the painting's darkness.
That's me watching Table for 3: The New Day with Kendyl. Also features blue sky.
This one actually made me laugh. it looks like he walked outside because he is having some struggles and he's just telling the blue sky "c'mon man, I haven't even done anything bad."
This one also made me laugh. The knights face makes it look as if he doesn't want to be a knight. As if he's looking at the guy who's making him do it. There's that blue sky again.
This is one of my favorites. This is what lo-fi audio recordings look like to me and I enjoy lo-fi. I also imagine the view from the cliff would be a great spot to see the blue sky.
I really enjoy the colors used here. It's very calming and very detailed. The blue sky in the horizon mixes well into the cream colored space (clouds?).
The blue sky mixes into a darker, cloudier sky that makes for a fantastic sight overlooking the canal in Venice.
I really like how cartoony this one looks. It just looks like a nice day at the farm. This is like something I would see back home.
Another one that reminds me of back home. That tree looks like one that I would climb to get a better view of the blue sky.
I chose this one because at first glance it looks like some people enjoying a nice blue sky day at the beach. However, the people on the left are building a boat and that's pretty cool.
This is a view that I would like to see in person. I enjoy the like colors used, including the blue sky, and the detail used. The castle in the background also adds a nice touch.
Once again, this reminds my of back home. On one of our trips in the woods, my friend Nathan took a photo very similar on the Uhì·ya.
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