Lauren Surufka

Color Schemes

The color scheme is triadic. The artist used blue, red, and yellow to create this scheme. The mood created is peaceful, but focuses on the man's scream.
This artwork is a good example of cool colors. shades of blues and white combine to look dark and blue. The mood of this could be calm and peaceful.
This is an example of complementary colors. This painting contains orange, red, yellow turning into a gray. The mood could be fun because people are running on the beach park.
This painting is monochromatic. It is so because of the black, a shade, the light blue of the water and the white shimmer on the water, which looks white. The mood could be tranquil.
This is considered analagous because it includes red, yellow, and a mix of colors in the firework. The mood could be exciting because there is a firework show.
This work is warm colors because it contains, a little yellow,red,and orange. The mood is mysterious and dark because it is in the forest.
Credits: All media
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