Kind of blue-                callen Turnbull

A collection of expression celebrating the history of jazz. The bright music that was born with the 1920's has continued to inspire for nearly a century. Named in honor of the 1959 Miles Davis album.

The King of Swing as he became known, Benny Goodman modestly stares down his sheet music in this painting that borrows his name. Very soft in feel, Rene Robert Bouche has made Benny part of the setting by fading the lines of his body into the background, and gaining details through his face, hands, and clarinet.
Here we have what appears to be a band playing for a crowd in The Jazz Musicians by David Park. Dark warm colors and soft textures keep the atmosphere in this painting cool and collected.
Maybe a photo at first glimpse, a cold saxophone on a collard white shirt achieved by oil on canvas. Hues stick to shades of blue, grey, and silver against soft white distinguishes the metal of this saxophone.
Painted in 1848, The Power of Music sets 2 men listening to the 3rd play violin inside a barn. Outside we find a 4th man listening in with a curious grin on his face. Blues and yellows are used to pull focus to aspects of the painting.
From Lativia, Rural Musicians brings a party with a lot of dancing, a trumpet, drum, bass and an accordion. This piece is done with ink and provides tons of movement and emotion. The dog sitting under the table may even be grooving.
Maxwell Taylor uses bright color to celebrate the rich history of jazz music and the culture that comes along with it. This is depicted by bright blues, reds, greens, and yellows with consistent shading. Two saxophone players hide a third musician.
Faces of South LA by Raul Gonzalez is a colorful painting where a trumpeter in the foreground shines a rainbow from his instrument over a less colorful city. Shadows define a community of blue and purple. Faces of South LA bring the roaring 20's to the present.
Winter Jazz by Checko, a young boy enthusiastically plays his trumpet walking down the street. We get the feel that this piece is being painted as we look at it because his paints still look like sketches. Movement is apparent with a scarf blowing in the wind. Although this piece is centrally balanced, the boy is for walking as he grooves.
A tribute to sampling and musical roots, Music Machine is a vibrant, toy like, collage of buttons and functions. Cartoon like colors and lines make up an unorganized pattern of faders, knobs, keys and speaker cones.
Ella Fitzgerald closes the gallery and the night. This piece shows Ella and her band in front of a massive crowd places in an outdoor venue. The dark nature of the stage, allows the spot light to effectively contrast and bring attention to Ella.
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