The theme of the gallery would like to show people about the beautiful lake view painting. Artists from different places has different view and different feeling about the view. This is a important part of the outdoor paintings, also the lake view painting are also important element of the outdoor painting. All the painting project are mainly made by oil painting around 18th-20th.

The structure of the painting is a mountain separated the sky view and lake view. the view like this are very unique in the painting. and we can see there are a little area of building on the cliff. From the artist's choice of colors is easy to imagine the artist is in a very relaxed mood to finished creation, he wanted to express love for the scenery, it looks feel very relaxed from the visual aspect
From this painting we can easily see that the lake took the half part of the painting and the reflect effect for the mountains are perfectly transfer to the real mountains on the left and right. The reflect from the stone based on the movement of waves, in order to make the water in a more nature way
The color transfer made the painting combined better. the color fade out from close to far make the frog feeling more realistic. and the realistic painting skill promote the lake in another level.Especially the details of the wave on the lake, also the details on the pine tree painting make the image more real. And the color for the water are in a more nature way.
the structure of the image are made by simple line and the image has a huge reflection to make the strong compare between the huge tree to the water. the line cut all the part very clear, and the water color are looks like a mirror reflect to the sky. All the patterns are simplified and the color using are dark and this is the feeling that the artist wants to express.
The point of view of the whole picture is color, the trees took up nearly 60% of the area in the painting, but this does not affect the effect of the lake at the left, because the color of the water were exaggerated enough to catch people's notice. There three colors in the lake and the main color are deep blue, that makes the lake very clear and the reflect from the water makes the image more realistic.Color of the sky, the color and the color of the tree of the lake a lot of difference, enough to make the audience noticed all the details. The artist took care the distance ratio too, we can see the mountains from the left are further away from the trees.
From the structure of the painting, we can see that the mountain are on the top and lake view are more platformed at the lower part, but the artist did more details on the surface, the color transfer are the most impress aspect in the painting, and the woods under the water gave artist more choice to express how the artist wants to draw the water.
From this sunset image we can see the details at the closer tree and rock, and the artist blur out the color at the end of the view. And the lake wave faed out by the sky color as well. And this painting were made by the end of the artist's life, so he wants to express his emotion about how he see his whole life by the end of his age. more warn color using gave people chilling and comfortable feeling.
The painting were drawn by the morning, the color he used are more cold on the upper left , but the warn color was used on the right side, and people dance on the lake side, and it should be painted during the break of the journey. and two lakes has no waves on the surface, to mention it was quite calm feeling about the artist.
This painting made by two mountains at left side and many small lakes, and the view from the artist are very unique. the sun are in the upper center to gave all the lighting to the image, that makes the image looks further than other views. and we can see the color transfer are from dark to brighter which based on the distance from the artist's view to the sun.
The view for this painting started from a boat, and we can see the artist not only painting the lake view, instead the lady and the boat makes the image contains more meanings. We can see the lady was looking forward, looks like she was thinking some thing.and the all the image color are close to warmer choice.
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