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Different class people

1. The girl in my portrait is not wearing any clothes because maybe she is poor and wants to show off her features. 2. The background is just pink so maybe she want people to look at her and she wants people to just look at her, and she may like pink. 3.I think that because she is poor so he wants people to just look at her face and nothing else. This could be a gift for her husband because her husband is proud of her. 4. Her name shall be Lea because Lea sounds happy to me, She is a ordinary villager who is raising three kids whyll her husband works for the king
1) Her clothes are poofy and she may be rich and snotty. 2) The background is really blank like her personality and is accented with little gold nicknacks. 3) I think the artist wants to show her beauty even though she is really pale. And the evidence I know I because her palish skin is really bright. 4) This is berta. Berta does not have a very big personality but she was very spoiled all the time and if things aren't done her way she will freak out, not to be a surpprisee but Berta is rich as exspected.
1) the clothes that he is wearing don't look so fresh so her may be on the lower side of the classes, this tells me that he may be average because his clothes don't look bad but he looks like he does not want to show much class. 2) The background looks to be orange but it could be they way the sun hits it. He looks to be admiring the picture and be sculpting it. This could tell us if he is a sculptor or even a critict 3) I think the artist wants to portrait art and maybe different people who do it maybe its for a real reason. My conclusion is the guy wants to show his talent and he has every right to be. 4) His name shall be Patrick he had a wife, but they grew up and he needed to get a hobby every since his wife left him so he went to art and sculptor. Patrick has officially devoted his time to art and makes enough money to buy his needs.
1) She is wearing very royal clothing and it definetly on the high end side of the classes 2) Since it is only blue maybe she didnt want people to know what was in the background and wanted people to just focus on her. 3) The artist is doing what the girl said because since she is rich and has hear daddy buy everything he does not want to get fired. 4) Her name is Anastasia because my ponys name is cinderella and looks to have the same traits as her and they are both on the high end classes, she does not have a family because she young and lives in a big castle where every one does it for her.
1) She is not wearing very fancy clothing but it does not look like she is poor but does not look like she is rich. 2)The background is very earthie so I think she might be proud of her town. 3)I think the person asked for this and he was a nice man that just simply wanted to make her a pretty picture because he is nice 4) Her name is merida because in the movie the girl basically lives out side, she has not started a family but is hoping to. She works at home doing the dishes for her family and watches her brother and sister but when she gets free time she wants to be outside.
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