Lines in artwork

Foreground, background with many different types of lines.
The line sin this work of art are thick but I can tell they were fast striking lines when it was drawn.
Lots of straight and sharp lines, in this drawing, with some curved lines.
tuns of lines that are very alike, straight and block like.
Lines are straight and skinny with no curved lines.
Lots of random lines that make up picture, the artist was probably angry and was moving quickly when he drew this.
The artist was most likely mad and wanted revenge while making this picture with lots of skinny and thick lines that are lightly shaded and some have thick shading to them.
This artist is most likely in a neutral feeling zone and was confused, and not in the right state of mind during this drawing, all the lines are the same.
The artist I think was thinking about something in his past, something that brought him back to an old memory. Lots of tall skinny lines.
The artist most likely felt trapped in his life and didn't know where or what to do. Lots of the same pattern of lines.
Credits: All media
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