Life in the trenches

This displays the new machine gun being used in this war. It was very inaccurate but could spray fire to kill many people quickly.
Here is a British soldier writing a letter in the little space that he has.
This shows how the soldiers are lined up in the trench uniformly, ready to fire.
This picture shows three British officers in a trench during their down time.
This art piece shows how violent it would get in the trenches.
This picture shows what the trenches were like on the inside and how deep they were compared to the people standing in them.
This shows how crammed the trenches were and how the land around it shows how isolated they are.
This shows one of the methods of vision that was used in trenches. This guy is using his equipment to see over the edge of the trench without being exposed.
This picture shows a dog in a trench. Dogs were used for many reasons in World War 1. Dogs could kill rats, sense enemies, find the wounded, deliver messages, and comfort soldiers in the trenches.
This shows how even when resting, the soldiers had very little room.
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