the deep, deep forest

These artworks evident the theme "The deep, deep forest". This theme is described as mythical, mysterious, adventurous, dark and spooky, which gives the audience great thought on to what these artworks really mean and how their motto is relevant to our modern world today.                                                                     The mythic meaning of the forest:                                     The forest is where fairy tales happen. It's here where we meet frog princes, wise old men, fairies, a golden goose, a ravenous wolf, giants, spirit messengers and all manner of creatures. The real meaning towards all these fairy tales and mythical stories is. When we walk into a forest, we step into a world full of adventure and fear. We leave safe paths that we are familiar with cross the edge into places full of challenge and unpredictability. This relates to our modern world today as we can't predict the future, but we can take risks. The use of repetitive and unusual lines, patterns and dull colours etc depicts the idea of the unknown in this world. "Through the darkness of paths unknown, we have the possibility of seeing the light".  

This work evidences the structural frame.
The artwork 'Ray Rain' by Kim, Myung Sock has great meaning to the theme deep, deep forest. In the artwork we can see a man walking in a bush or forest area trying to fight this heavy storm, which explores the concept/idea of taking a challenge and risk. The heavy use of colour in this artwork has a major influence of pursuing the meaning of the following art work. The artist has used a very dark blue closely to the colour black to represent the dark features of a forest. In contrast she has also used a light amount of white to symbolize the light at the end of the storm or path.
This work evidences the subjective frame.
This work evidences cultural frame. The artwork ‘Tiger in bushes’ by Yuan Xikun portrays the meaning of fierce and brave within a forest. The base colour of the tigers coat ranges from a dark rusty/orange to a lighter yellow/orange; in this case it’s a rusty orange. It also has very dark vertical stripes that are unique to each individual. In this artwork there is a tiger laying down, owning his land/area. This symbolises power, passion and strong. Tigers are rebellious, colourful and fearless characters, that command for and respect from all quarters, showing that they are great leaders and will stand up and fight for what they believe in. The artist achieves this by the use of colour, tone and shapes.
This artwork evidences the postmodern frame. (modernism, new media)
Credits: All media
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