Attractions to color

Its amazing the things you can make with a variation of different colors; while approaching every piece of work differently. 

The separation of certain natural colors sets the mood of the scene, and makes you feel like you want to experience it in real life.
The use of color in this photo captures the vibe from the human by use of pigment color of his skin and lighting.
Red used in abstract squares sets a weirdly romantic demonic vibe.
Background of orange and yellow makes the painting seem like its being thrown at you.
The painter used a realistic set of colors to make it seem like the turtle is actually coming out of the wall, but the picture would only work when the sun is shining at a perfect illumination.
The use of red in the painting pops out with the tree near the wall. Great complimentary scene.
The painting doesn't use any set out black outline. This helps portray more of a flow of feeling.
Two colors can explain it all.
The pattern of yellow in the background helps attract the natural eye at first, but then bringing attention to the motive of the painting.
The grey in the background sets the mood while the vibrant colors sets a tone
The skin color is well done in this painting. It helps capture texture and tone.
The use of bright colors separates the main attraction from the background.
The use of one major color in the background makes a settle nuclear/ apocalyptic scene which makes the predator seem more scary.
The artist of this graffiti uses white and pink as outliners of the main word. This bring an abstract view that people don't normally see. We normally use black.
The certain skin tone used make the person pop out more.
Credits: All media
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