Pakistan and Nepal culture

Kyle Henderson 

I chose this because of religion is very important in Nepal culture. The people carve gods and other figures like the one in the picture.
I chose this because of the story it told as Durga, who killed the Buffalo Demon. It is amazing how a story can be told in a simple carving.
I chose this because of the religious figure that seems undamaged after the devastating earthquake that hit the area.
I chose this because of the detailed art work. It shows how attention detailed the people of Nepal were.
I chose this because of the color scheme. I had chosen another picture with the same colors which I find odd.
I chose this because of the depiction of the Hindu goddess Chamunda. Hindu is important in Nepal Culture. It also is amazing how frighting the depiction is.
I chose this because of the beautiful craft work that was put into it.
I chose this artifact because of the dragon design and the fact that it was a lamp stand.
I chose this because today we don't think of Pakistan as techno and stuff but they do have some tv shows that are quite comical.
This is another picture of an older tv drama that was made and aired in Pakistan.
I chose this because once again it is a tv show from the 60s that aired in the country.
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