Albrecht Durer

A broad range of work from Albrecht Durer. Artwork ranging from 1501 to 1521.

At the beginning of the renaissance period. Although it's the beginning of this period he still seemed to emphasis the meaning through it. The bird to me represents the death of something beautiful. Nature taking its course on life.
Looks as it were greek based artwork. This work is done by print making. The work is done close to the end of the renaissance, which put a lot of influence on rebirth which can be seen in this piece
Even as the time progresses the movement is still a major part in the artwork.
Here it's just an expatiation from greek philosophe, as in the stories that had Proserpine been kidnapped in many myths. His artwork doesn't seem to change to much between the time he finished "Adam and Eve".
In this work the rebirth movement seems to have taken a large effect in his artwork. The man sitting roadside as a poor meddler just trying to make it by. The cross at the top of the pole beside as if to represent that God is with you through the tough times.
Durer is still an artist of different categories which is signified in this work. Although it is the middle of the renaissance period, he still moved back to work that he was doing at the beginning of this movement, which was animals or nature.
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