Egyptian Art

By; Danielle Weiss

Shabti if Nefer-ib-re-sa-Neith Belonged to an Egyptian Priest, this is shown as a mummy wrapped with a "shabti spell" and hyrieroglyphics all around the body.
Vase in the Shape of a Duck This piece of Egyptian faience is a composite material composed of ground quartz and natron. The duck is molded with remains of a ring handled on the left side of the bird. The duck us inspired by red-figure duck vases of Etruria and south Italy. It is detailed with naturalism.
Statuette of a Hippopotamus The hippopotamus is a symbol rejuvenation in the after life. This can be found in museums all over. The hippo is heavily decorated with black outlined drawings. Each design is executed carefully.
Egyptian Man This is a painting made out of water color showing two Egyptian Men. Brown pen ink is also used to outline the men.
Mummy Mask of a Woman Mummy masks of the Hellenistic and Roman periods. Th mask was created by being molded over a core and involves mud and linen. The decoration on the outside was later applied.
Credits: All media
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