Growing up 

No one can keep their innocence. Life forces you to grow up or someone or something else does. These pictures describe how people lose their innocence. 

The people on the island are running from the darkness or adulthood but, there comes a point when they can not run anymore. They have to accept they lost their innocence without a choice.
In the drawing the kid is alienated by the rest of the people. He loses his innocence by having to mature and realize those people are not worth his feelings.
In this picture the boats symbolize people feeling lonely but losing their innocence because, they realize they need to move on and try to do what is best.
In this picture the man loses innocence by realizing his only true friend is his dog. Even though it hurts at the moment it will be best for him in the long run.
In this picture the deer represents a person's innocence slowly being corrupted by adults (the ocean) and no one is their to help.
This picture represents kids losing their innocence by being forced to work to provide basic needs. If they do not do this their life will be hard. The kids need to mature and take on this skill
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