China's Culture

Kaitlyn Leavins

This Brocade Robe made for woman may tell us what chinese woman wear for special occasions or perhaps even just every day.
This Gauzy Silk Robe made for men might tell us what a chinese man might wear on special occasions or on a regular day.
This picture shows us a bit of the Chinese history. These ships are shipping opium somewhere. Opium can be used as a drug and is very popular in China and Japan.
This is a picture of the Temple of Confucius, Canton, China. It shows us how their building structure is set up, which, if done well, can tell us how their economy could be running.
A folding fan is a familiar object is any culture. Though not every one uses them, mostly every one knows what they are. Shown in several movies, they are used to fan people, mostly women.
The color of this vase is interesting as it is an extremely deep shade of blue. Even more interesting, the color is completely solid, you do not see any streaks or lighter spots.
The chinese, jappanese, and english people are known for their liking of tea. This would probably be soaked in hot water and strained to make the tea, much like american coffee.
This is the same type of tea as the picture before. This one is dressed to look nice for a picture, perhaps for advertisement. The flower above is the same flower that is mashed into the herbs.
This is a chinese painting of a landscape that looks to be a mountain or hill overlooking a river and a bay.
This is another painting. This time, it is of a tree and people sitting under the tree. Paintings can tell stories or lessons, which the chinese and jappanese are infamous for.
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