Kristian Robles cruz

This is what I call RC Mindset. I'm a weird person and I want to show the world what happens in my head. I'm a straight forward person and I want to show how I see history through my eyes.

I'm was blessed to serve this nation I picked this because it shows the typical American family and the American way. If you look you can tell that the artist put his work mostly on the flag
This is George Washington painting and I like this because back then painting were very popular and I like this because it shows our 1st president. This shows my history of the U.S.A
This is a portrait of Benjamin Franklin and I picked this because I love history and I love to see the faces of the people that jumped started this nation. If you look at the color they pop out
Here's Thomas Jefferson and the texture and colors of this portrait are pretty bold. You can tell that the artist wanted it to highlight Jefferson and it add more love towards history
This is Alexander Hamilton portrait and this is different because it doesn't have bold colors but it still serves justice towards the portrait because you can feel emotions from Alexander.
Here's John Adams portrait and it's interesting because the artist didn't focus on his hands but captured John's face expression.
President Lincoln with his troops and this is another snap shot of history it shows respect and honor towards Lincoln. This reflects love and honor towards country
This is a picture of the Nazi flags and a lot of propaganda was used back then. This highlight mainly the Nazi symbol. Back in the 1940's propaganda was popular and it was used a lot.
The American flag is important and you can tell by the colors and textures that this person wanted to show that the flag is the main subject.
More propaganda for the American side. If you see here the colors and the symbol are the things that represent America. This shows that the artist wanted to make America the subject matter.
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