My 4 ceramic arts 

Cherokee Pendergrass

In this detail I see a flower pattern with different colors that all blend with each other in a good way. There are different types of lines and colors and it is in the shape of a water pitcher. By looking at this project I would say that the meaning of this piece would be for it to be a water pitcher for fancier events.I think that this project is social because it is meant for public events. It is put together really good the structure of the whole thing looks strong and good. I chose this because I like that there is not to much detail but the detail and color it dose have makes it look beautiful.
The details I see in this piece is the peacock feather. The lines and colors are put together good and have a good flow together. I think the meaning of this project is to make a teapot that is not plain and like all of the other ones. This is well put together and is able to be used or just to look at.
The detail that I see in this piece is that the background it just plain white with the burst of color through the flower and strip pattern on it. I chose this piece because like the others there is very little detail yet what it dose have makes it look good. Another reason I like it is because it looks like it all flows with each other how the handle and the part the water comes out of is all together with a white pipe. I think the reason that the artist made this piece was because maybe he or she liked to garden and wanted to make a water can that fit he or shes eyes.
The details that I see in this piece is the nice pink plain outside with a gold rim and the nice flower pattern on the inside. I chose this piece because like I said with the other four it dose not have a lot of detail but what it dose have is like perfect. I think the artist chose this piece because they wanted to make something for a dinner or holiday that would look fancier then the rest. I like the way that this is put together because it can be used for just to look at or to use.
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