Martian Memories

Based on A Princess of Mars By Edgar Rice Burroughs    Docent Owen Goddu

Selected Epigraph “Each night, when I go to sleep, I die. And the next morning, when I wake up, I am reborn.” ― Mahatma Gandhi I choose this epigraph because John found himself on Mars. He was alien from everything that he knew, but he was reborn on Mars and became a chief. I choose this picture because tree is alone , but it learned to stand tall on its own, and be the tallest plant on the plain.
Some of the universal themes in this book are exploration, transformation, loneliness, and adventure. I choose this picture based on the loneliness John Carter felt when he first arrived on Mars. There were millions of Tharks, native Martians, who admired his fighting prowess, but he was distant from all of his Earthly People.
The tone of the beginning of the book was desolate because the Martian landscape was lifeless and quiet. There cities were remnant of a great civilization past.
John Carter fought in the Civil War for the South. When he finds himself on Mars there is a war much like the Civil War being fought between the Red Men of Mars.
Text-to-Text connection. The Tharks, who are native martians in A Princess of Mars are only interested in war. They are very similar to the Wargals, who are barbarian fighters in Ranger's Apprentice. Both will follow any leader they believe to be a great warrior.
Text-to-world Two powerful families control the rival city-states of Mars. People's lives are often shaped by elaborate traditions and ceremonies. This painting of a wedding supper reminds me of these elaborate rituals.
A Day in the Life This picture represents John Carter because he would give his life for Deja Thoris, the Princess of Mars, much like a knight would in the Middle Ages.
This image of Napoleon represents John Carter because he was able to create the largest army in the history of Mars to fight the ranks of Zodanga, a powerful city state, and save Deja Thoris, the Princess. I made a Mendala to represent the main character John Carter. Link to Mendala
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