Color in feelings

Color Blue Brings Out Life and Creativity

The color Blue makes the painting calm. Its the main color that was used up to three times but in different tones. All colors of skin can come together
The blue in this painting was used with a tab bit of green. The top feather was of the owls as you can see was nice and detailed. Brings a wonder feeling in the painting.
The Blue was used in different shades in this painting. The Painting looks very calm and relaxing. Suppose a beautiful swan in the color blue, can put a mysterious smile on your face.
Color blue seems to stand out in this painting. It was used one on the painting and continued to drip down the page. The blue is located at the top center of the page which draws attention.
Tab bits of Blue was used in every other spot of this art work. Its used very genteelly through out the image. Have you wondering what exactly is going on in this painting.
In this painting the color blue was toned and blended the the color green the most. The color also stands out more than any other color in the painting. Feeling of confusion.
Blue is used for mostly outlines and fill in for this painting and in place one tone of blue which is dark Blue. As you can see the color is constantly repeated. What is the feeling of this painting?
The art pieces defines a board walk on a beach and the blue skies overcome the painting. The brighter blue resembles water of the ocean and lake.
In this painting it shows motion of the ocean Blue. You can see that its very detailed and all over the place. Every piece isn't connected with the other piece. This painting is like a puzzle.
The starry night in blue skies is very rememberable. The motion of the swirls in the sky draws attention to each swirl and part tern. The painting is covered with majority of blue.
The woman in this painting seems to be thinking and looking very sad or down. Therefore she is feeling Blue. Touch of a shade of blue papers on the side of her and a little on her sleeve.
Blue on his coat in this painting keeps him calm. Covering up the red to seem as if theres nothing wrong with him. Causes you to think why is he just sitting in the chair
The first thing your eye probably catches is the dark blue dressed that the women is wearing. Do you feel someone looking at you in this painting. The lady in the back with the darker shade of blue on.
River of blue, the water seems to be in motion but very quit. The sky is touch with blue. Leaves you wondering what exactly is the weather forecast thats formatted in this painting.
In this beautiful painting nature comes to life with a pretty blue. The Blue of the skies reflects fro the rainbow and the water. Which bring brightness of happiness and peace in the painting.
Credits: All media
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