Elements of art

"I have neither given nor recieved unauthorized aid on this work" - Anna James

LINE: The vertical lines on the building symbolize strength and authority. In the top right corner descriptive lines stop to indicate that a piece has broken off. The expressive lines in the arch have a calm and delicate mood.
SHAPE: A geomertric square shape is used at the top-middle to create a window. Free form shapes are used to make a pattern on the background wall. A geometric triangle is used to indicate a drawer knob put ontop of a rectangle drawer.
FORM: In the foreground there is a 3D sculpture ontop of a table. The scultpure has a shadow in the front-left of it to tell me it is 3D and where the light source is coming from. The background shows me that the sculpture is standing up on it's own so it is not 2D and flat.
VALUE: The value scale on this artwork is very light and very dark. The light behind the man is very bright and makes his clothes have lighter and darker shades (values). His face has some dark values so you can tell he has dirt on his face.
TEXTURE: The texture on the rock is rough and has some cracks in it. The building has a smooth and rough feel to it because if you were to run your hand along the wall it would be smooth but then there would be cracks. The man's robe has a smooth and silky texture.
COLOR: This piece of artwork has lots of different values used in the colors. The colors are balanced between lightness and darkness in the artwork. The artist used different brush strokes to create free-form shapes and overlapped color to make colors darker.
SPACE: The space in this photograph is at the bottom right because there are no people and trees. There is space used above the trees and buildings used to create a horizon. No one is standing on the stairs so there is space created there.
Credits: All media
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