Art 115 The Illusion of space

Creating Depth

This painting shows depth with slight size, and a lot of shading.
The piece displays a distortion of space.
This Piece represent a distortion of space.
This painting displays distorted space, size, and perspective.
Distortion of Space. Transparency.
This piece represents a lack of space, it gives a very 2d format.
This piece has partial-depth. It has depth on the floor, as well as some shadows, however, most of Jesus and the walls are flat and devoid of depth.
I chose this piece because I thought that i t was a good example distorted space and perspective.
This represents a lack of space, perception, size, and depth.
This painting has decent depth and space, with just a slight perspective "glitch" near the bottom.
I chose this work becuase it is a rather good representation of the distortion of space.
The "thing" shows distorted space. (And photo shop)
Refer to previous coment.
The is not a very good example, but the little doors look like those of a cathedral, which gives a distortion of space and size.
IBID Distortion
This is a sculpture however, how it is made, it distorts space.
This piece is also a sculpture, however, it distorts space by looking at it at the correct angle.
This is a sculpture that uses size to distort space.
This piece has something to do with space, i'm just not sure what.
Credits: All media
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