Google Art Project

I chose this piece because the way the fur was painted gives an excellent idea of how it would feel.
Upon zooming in, I was surprised by the detail and how the artist painted the tower itself in a way that gives off a rocky or stony texture.
Again I was impressed not only with the tower's textures, but with the people and material in the foreground.
this piece did an excellent job with the armor's reflections that really reveal how smooth the armor plates are.
This piece interested me because of all the different types of textures. There's the small circles that look kind of like burn marks, the center that resembles a building, and the stone pillars below
I thought the artist did an excellent job with the man's hair and clothing, giving enough detail to give the viewer an idea of their texture.
I was really impressed by this vase and the quality of the carvings.
I liked how the details of the birds' feathers mixed with the canvas' texture.
Another piece that blew me away with the quality of the carvings, right down to all the little details.
The artist did well with the different fabrics and how one would assume they feel by looking at this piece.
What drew me to this piece was the detail in the rock wall on the other side of the water, it really gives off a good rocky texture.
Though not extremely detailed, I was impressed with how the artist painted the tree branches.
While the reflections might not be as high quality as the other piece, this artist did extremely well with the details in the gold trim pieces of the armor.
What drew me to this piece was the trees and how well the artist depicted their texture.
Once again, the details in a carving impress me. It's stunning how much detail the artist put into this work.