Quig's gallery of blue Connar Quilgey 

In this gallery I have selected the color Blue as my theme. Blue is one of my favorite colors and I wanted to express my passion for this color in this gallery. I feel Blue is a very powerful color because it can express many different moods and feelings. Each art work in this gallery expresses that feeling and mood of Blue. 

The plate was made sometime in the Qing Dynasty. The plate expresses the theme of blue perfectly, the main object on the plate, the woman, is painted blue and her surroundings are blue as well.
The woman in the painting is holding flowers, maybe from a lover. The dress is Blue and it pops because it takes up most of the painting and you focus right in on the dress and see its Blue.
The vase dates back to the 17th century and the layout is of animals and nature, all made in Blue. The white of the vase really makes the Blue pop and makes the animals and nature standout.
From the 20th century this is just a basic table. The table is very unique because on the inside there is sand or rock that is Blue that really makes the table look appealing and the Blue pops.
Another vase, this one from the 18th century and with a flower layout. The flowers and boarders are all Blue which makes for an eye popping and appealing piece of art.
This is a tea pot form the 17th and 18th century made of porcelain. The Blue tea pot is very unique because you normally don't see a Blue tea pot. Usually there white.
This is a piece of tile that was made into a X and was made in either the 12th or 13th century. This represents the rest of the gallery perfectly because the whole piece is Blue.
Two Japanese figures interacting with each other and one is looking up to the other. The person in higher power is dressed in Blue and looks like they are in charge of the other.
This piece was made in the 12th or 13th century and it is a man riding a horse. The man and the horse is colored Blue. The man looks brave and the Blue makes him heroic.
The last piece is a portrait of a man. The man looks sad and upset so the Blue brings out the feeling. Blue shows the feeling of this and it is a very powerful color.
Credits: All media
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