Favorite Modernist Works

I have searched around the Google Art Project's website, looking for some modern art. I have put some of my favorites into my public gallery on the site, and hope that you can enjoy them as well.

These pieces were my favorites, because each piece seemed to have it's own unique style, and each piece said something different about the world of art today. during the search for such pieces, I purposefully chose pieces which display the variety of modern artwork.

This piece is quote a good example of our extraordinary capability to interpret what we see so well. Usually this human quality is studied in science, but it applies to art as well. I assume that most people who were viewing this sculpture would see it as a creature or person of some sort. The artist has tried to represent it in a more symbolic/metaphorical sense rather than in the directly literal way - yet we are able to see this piece for what it truly is!
As most people probably are, I am very confused as to what this piece could mean or represent. My eyes can see it clearly, yet the non-visual meaning confuses me, since I cannot understand it. Regardless, this is another great example of how art, especially modern, gets you thinking hard and long about it.
Artwork such as this is always interesting to look at, wouldn't you agree? Art which is too simple and concise is no fun, since you don't have to actively view it - on the other hand, art that is complex and detailed is more engaging, since you are forced to use your brain to see the whole picture.
My favorite part about this piece is that is was actually from a reasonably long time ago (compared to most modern art, which is contemporary). I also find the title to be amusing, as it implies that he was studying the shape of a human head by comparing it to (what looks like) a house! It is certainly very dull, but very intriguing once you look into it closely.
Although the quality of this image came out funny, the figures, designs, and colorful landscapes all make me want to laugh, really. It is so over-the-top, so cartoon-y, and so... fun! It's hard not to enjoy such an image.
I am unsure of what this is supposed to depict, but it looks important, almost - as if the artist has painted a picture to show some sort of famous scene. I don't know why, but the use of circles and bands of color seem to act as symbols to represent importance. Is it just me, or is the image on the right side of the piece glowing?
This piece, translated from Galician, roughly means: "'A Note on a Lit Scene' or '10,000 pencils'". If you are unable to tell, this piece was made by sticking 10,000 pencils into the wall. There appears to be a figure standing and staring at a screen, or at least that's what it looks like to me. This piece is another fascinating one which forces me to think about the interpreted meaning of it.
Such as with the Untitled piece by Osgemeos, this is a very beautifully colorful piece. It obviously depicts love, as that is the title, but the joy of examining this work comes from imagining what kinds of experiences the artist must have had to see love in this way.
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