Brick Canvases - Sammy Sierra

In this gallery I will be talking about 10 pieces of street art and what space and shape are used in each piece. 

In this piece, different kinds of shapes are used to help create the facial features. Most of the shapes are either organic or geometric. The eyes and cheekbones are two examples of geometric shapes. Some organic shapes would be the eyebrows and the faces shape. It is done with a two-dimensional look, except for the tip of the tongue, which continues onto the sidewalk.
This piece is done using both organic and geometric shapes. The eyes and nose are geometric shapes and the ear and tray cover are the organic shapes. This piece is done two-dimensionally.
This piece is done mostly in organic shapes, with a couple exceptions. The vines and the hand are the two most obvious organic shapes being used. The red substance within the eyes view is also organic. There is a three-dimensional feel to this piece because the vines differ in size, which gives them the look of being both far away and close up.
This piece is done with mostly organic shapes. The nose and lips are the most noticeable. This has a two-dimensional look to it because there is no indication of anything being in front or behind the persons face.
This piece uses a lot of different shapes, both organic and geometric. The windows on the vehicles are all squares and rectangles. Some are even oval shaped. The clouds and the mountains are some of the organic shapes that are being used. This is done in 3D because all the cars are piled up close and the hills in the background look to be a good distance away.
This piece is done with geometric, static, and organic shapes. The people that are depicted are organic. The wall and the bike wheel are geometric. The word "Yaru", which is written on the wall is the static shape. It's done with a three-dimensional look to it because the road looks to lead to a distant city.
This piece is done in static and organic shapes. The angel of death is the organic shape, while the two names are static shapes. This piece has 2 separate two-dimensional parts. One being the grim reaper and the other being the two names of the artists.
This piece is done with static, organic, and geometric shape. There is also some dynamic shapes. The example of a dynamic shape would be the steam coming off the bowl of food, which is shaped into the artists name. This is done in 3D and on two walls and the ground. By using the walls and the ground, the feel of 3D is intensified because the artist was able to manipulate it into a kids bedroom.
This is done in both organic and geometric shapes. The entire piece, with the exception of most of the green bubbles, are organic shapes. The 2 mouths are growing into the shapes that are in the middle, which spell out Fog, which happens to be the artist. It has a 3D feel to it because the pink background looks like it goes on forever.
This piece has shapes of all types. The cactuses and tree are organic. The are signs and buildings that are geometric. Static shapes are depicting the three artists names in the piece. Some dynamic shapes would be the smoke from the cigar and the smoking gun barrel. It is defiantly a three-dimensional piece because the buildings get smaller toward the horizon.
Credits: All media
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