Christmas carol: Social and economical problems.

Peyton Gurney

"External heat and cold had little influence on scrooge" -Scrooge is a very stubborn man and only does stuff for his own benefit. Unfortunately people of higher social status cared very little for the people of lower class. Charity is the very last think on the minds of the rich.
"Humbug!" - Scrooge absolutely hates Christmas because he feels that everyone should work for what they get. When presents are delivered and given for free, he thinks of it as a joke and it is completely fake. He does not like pity.
"First of the three Spirits" - The spirit of past itself shows so much about the social and economic structures. The spirit is a constant reminder of how scrooge was at the very bottom of the social rank, and how horrible he felt when nobody was there. His ambition to make his way up the chain consumed him and made him cruel
"Was it a dream or not?.." -Denial is something that may not ever have a definition. Scrooge is lost at why this is happening to him and why the past has any part in his current life. Fate would basically be the death of him if he did not accept his past and how he can make the present new. However he is just a horrible as how people were to him
"The darkness and mist had vanished, but it was still cold" - Being cold-hearted towards different classes is the wrong approach. Past experiences should teach and give a guideline for the future. Scrooge should not remain living in his past.
"There is nothing on which it is so hard as poverty..." - Nothing is worse in this world than poverty because so many horrible things tag along with being poor. The fact that the poor have no economical advantage shows how the poor need help getting on their feet.
"This boy is ignorance, This girl is want..." -These young children are scrooges kids. The spirit uses the children as an example of symbolism. They are a constant burden and will be until the day he hits his grave. Ignorance is a sign of fear. Scrooge has a fear of his past. Being humble is constantly overlooked by greed.
"Ghost of future!...I fear you more than any spectre I have seen..." -Scrooge is scared of the spirit of future as like all of us. The future is something almost everyone is scared of. Why? Because when people have to expect the unexpected of what will happen next in life, it is almost horrifying.
"Oh cold, cold, rigid, dreadful death. Set up thine altar here, and dress it with such terrors as thou hast at thy command" -The guilt has finally gotten to scrooge's head. He has finally realized how horrible and awful he has been. Sometimes in order for people to see what is wrong, simply take a step back and take notes on the life that has been chosen and find ways to fix the wrong. Guilt is the worst punishment anyone could ever be burdened with.
"I am as happy as an angel" -At this point, Scrooge has lived in the past, present, and future. He has been shown what is wrong and what wrong he has done to people. He also has been show how to fix it. When financial, economical, or any sort of social problem occur, people have the choice to get out of the pickle that they are in.
"Lord bless me!" -This is the voice of some gentlemen who are raising a charity case. Scrooge has clearly donated an extreme amount of money to the poor. In life, it the wealthy and the stiff necked people would put their pride aside for just a little bit, the world and communities would run a lot better. However that is simply an opinion of course.
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