Street art

I have chosen the theme street art because I love and I am very interested in what people do to walls that can have a very big effect to where it is and what it does and look like. The style I love about street art is that it can make a place look nice with art on the walls and that people have made. Some street artwork means a lot of things that's why people always stare at it to try and figure out what they have painted/ spray/ ink and what it symbolises or represents. The theme is represented in my gallery by every picture being of street art and each picture representing something different about street art. Street art can represent and mean a lot of things by which most of the pictures in my gallery do and they try to question people about what it means to them. The arrangment in my gallery is very simple by the pictures just going by flow to make my gallery look like an actual gallery. The pictures just move from one artwork to  another then another. The main idea about my gallery is to show the audience that many people are very talented and many people will show this by street art to express their feelings and emotion they are feeling.

Structural frame: I choose this artwork to be used as a structural frame because this artwork has a lot of edits that you could see a lot in detail. You can see the lines, shapes, tone very clearly which makes it structural.
Cultural frame: I have chosen this artwork to be a part of the cultural frame because it shows us a lot about cultures and different races that shows us different things and different meanings.
Subjective frame: I have choose this artwork to be part of the subjective idea because this artwork shows a lot of feelings and emotion as in the person in the artwork. It shows us the emotion the person is in and weather it is good or bad
Post-modern: I have chosen this artwork to be a part of the post-modern frame because this artwork shows us a change in things and what changes can affect and how they can affect.
Credits: All media
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