Feeling the Spirit in Light and the Dark.-(Sean Ireland)

In this art gallery we will be experiencing how different colors and contrast in Christian art can stand apart from other pieces of work. We will see artwork ranging from the Medieval to the Late Renaissance period.

In this artwork, there is many different things going on. What is being depicted is a journey of Saint Catherine while she was teaching Christianity and helping others. It leads up to her beheading. The artwork is unique as in the visual elements that are supporting it. Straight lines and neutral colors are what stand out the most for this.
Whats being described in this painting is Saul who later become Paul after converting to Christianity, falling off of his horse. The theme for this is the curves and details of the horses. I feel like the blue colors and gold represent his turn towards Christianity. The colors work perfectly well with each other and the horses have incredible detail.
What is being depicted in this artwork is a young Jesus being surround by Rabbi. What is unique about this piece is the level of detail that goes in the faces of the faces of the Rabbi. The lighting that goes into this painting should be noted. In the foreground the lighting makes the Rabbi feel trustworthy and calming. However with the dark background the rabbi in the shadows are giving off a feeling of dread.
In this painting we can see the Virgin Mary holding a baby Jesus while a baby St. John looks on. The way the artist captured the Virgin Mary facial feature is considered one of the best representations of her. The contrast of this artwork is extraordinary. The dark background with the blues and the brown colors, draw more attention to the center of the painting. The virgin Mary has the pale skin, red cheeks, the blonde hair. With these features your eye is drawn to her and the babies. It gives off a welcoming and calming viewing experience.
What is going on in this artwork is that god is watching down on mankind with intent as Jesus and the Virgin Mary plea before him. This piece of art is intriguing with its colors and proportions. The colors shown are equal parts dark and light. The way God is portrayed is a judgmental being over mankind. The gold glow around surrounding him is in perfect contrast with the dark grey clouds that he is piercing through.
In this piece we continue with the Christian theme in the artwork. We can see St. John the Baptist delivering his sermon among the forest with onlookers. What is unique about this painting is how Lucas Cranach the Elder gives a sense of depth with the people. You can see the way the people are standing and how they can continue to get a bit smaller into the background he achieves this illusion. The colors again are another factor. The darker shades make the centerpiece of the artwork stand out the most. You can concentrate more on this part and really see the different emotions on the faces. They are eagerness, concentration, calm, and inquisitive.
The is a very powerful piece of art. Jesus is seen crucified with people walking by. The artist, El Greco, fills the entire canvas with dark colors. The only light is coming from Jesus himself. With his pale skin against the black and grey background, he is the feature focus of this piece. If you look closer, you can see the look of ready and willingness. He is looking upwards to the sky in that moment. The way El Greco painted this, he achieves a powerful scene that makes the tests the viewers emotions.
In this artwork we can see a baby Jesus receiving his name and being blessed. This piece shows the heavens opening up and the angels looking down on Jesus at this moment. The Unknown artist that created this artwork used many colors that create a warm painting. He used a bold red in the center area to draw the viewers attention. From there in the immediate area you can see the many people in various poses showing the emotion on their faces. The artist also used a three-dimensional type design in the background. With this it creates a feeling that the picture is bigger than it actually is.
What is being depicted here is the baptism of Christ. In the artwork the artist, Bartolomè Esteban Murillo, used softer colors and incredible details to make this painting more approachable.The red, yellow, and white colors all compliment each other in a nice way. It makes this painting feel nice and calming. You can also see these in the eyes of both figure.
In this piece we can see St. John the Baptist giving his sermon in the woods. Giovanni Stefano Doneda uses dark colors for the background and the foreground. The duller shades of red, pale, and green give this painting a unique feeling. It feels like a very focused piece for what the subject is about. You can see in the faces and the eyes how they are concerned with what is being preached.
Credits: All media
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