Egyptian Landscape

My art gallery for discussion 6.2.

We begin near Lake Nassar and start working our way North toward the red sea. Philae is actually on an island, just north of Lake Nassar and the Aswan Dam.
Moving further north, we reach Aswan. I enjoyed the colors in this particular painting. In the other pieces I've chosen, the colors tend to be more soft, whereas this piece is very bright and vibrant.
Next stop is Edfu. A bit more simplistic than the other pieces, this work is ink and watercolor. A quick sketch of the serenity on the beach of the Nile.
This piece and the previous are by the same artist, although this one depicts an area a bit further North than the last.
I chose this piece because it's much different than anything else in my gallery. A more impressionistic view of Egypt and The Nile. I enjoy the stark the contrast between the warm and cool colors.
Credits: All media
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