Nature Interpretations - (Frank davis)

This gallery shows post-impressionist art of nature. Art from the late 1800's is the gallery's main focus. Paintings that show a bit of abstractness to scenes focusing on nature and natural observations from artist's perceptions.

This oil on canvas painting is of a train arriving in Gare Saint-Lazare the largest and busiest train station in Paris in early 1877 from Normandy. The use of color and contrast brings your focus to the steam rising into the sky from the trains. The lack of extreme detail allows us to focus on the natural rise of steam into the air and how natural light appears to the artist.
Another oil on canvas painting done by Claude Monet in 1873 this painting depicts what it might be like to walk through the beauty of a field on a summer day. The use of large shaped colored poppies bring a hint of abstractness to this painting. Other properly used colors show the blueness of the sky giving viewers the feel of a nice summer day. There is 4 people in the painting, a mother and a child in the background and another mother and child close up. Further in the background is a peek of a large home their clearly walking from to enjoy this beautiful day. The artists perception of this scene is clearly focused on the beauty and peace found in a poppy field.
This oil on canvas painting is of Saint-Mammes a commune in the Seine-et-Marne department in north-central France. The painting shows little details but uses bright colors of nature to allow the viewer to fill in the blanks with their imagination. The vivid shapes of people along the river side give the impression of them enjoying the beauties of the river on a beautiful day outside. Other then the trees having details, the rest of the painting only uses shapes to represent the objects within the painting. Great effort was taken in showing the reflection of the trees in the river leading me to believe the artists view of this scene was focused on the natural way water reflects almost like a mirror.
This oil on canvas painting from 1891 shows the artists view in the South Seas. The extreme use of bright colors allows the viewers to feel the serenity of this location. The man positioned in the center of the painting is the first focus point but only to force the viewer to imagine being that person looking at the site before him. The bright greens of the trees and the calm field he walks on allows us to feel the peacefulness of what this experience of nature must have been like.
This oil on canvas painting is of a cross over looking the sea. It represents giving a blessing to all fisherman who pass by it. The cross being located at the spot where the Fremur River spills into the English Channel. The bright blue color used for the water along with the greens and browns gives a hint to the reflection of the land area in the background that one must look at length to become apparent. The rock that gives the cross a base gives us a feeling of the texture of that rock. Strong but rigid it allows us to imagine the strength and roughness of how it must feel given the chance to touch it with our own hands. It shows how simple man made symbols can add human meaning to natural settings. Was that the message the artist was trying to send?
Here we have an oil on canvas scene from the eyes of van Gogh who in 1889 was voluntarily admitted into a mental hospital. This was a view from his window there. Thou the grounds are painted in normal perspective, the darker blue sky and swirling clouds represent his mental state of mind. How he presents this natural setting is also a representation of his inner soul at that moment of observing this natural setting before him.
This oil on canvas by Henri Rousseau was painted in the last year of his life. He used colors and lines to make this very detailed perspective of a jungle scene. The natural shapes in this painting are larger then the people and animals in the painting making the focus of the painting the natural world and it's beauty. There's shadows on the leafs giving them great detail, thou little shadows or details are used on other aspects of the painting such as the rocks, water, animals and humans. The positive space of the painting is mainly living plants, trees and grass and there's little negative space which makes up the sky. The perception of the artist is clearly focused on the over sized trees and plant life he must have imagined had he ever seen this in real life.
Another gorgeous oil on canvas painting. This painting depicts people relaxing in a park on an island in the Seine River called La Grande Jatte. It capitalizes on the use of natural light shining in from the left onto the park and the people there. Use of lines outline the over all shapes of things in this painting and little detail is used for facial expressions. Instead he uses shapes, colors and maximizes the canvas by making almost the entire painting positive space. Use of lighting and shadows bring out the artists perceptions of natural light and shadows in nature. It seems his perception of the people in this painting was almost block like thou the objects of nature had more realistic shapes.
This oil on canvas painting of a tree in a field with a lake and sail boats in the background shows extreme detail in the leafs and branches of the tree. Centered in the painting it's clearly the focus of the artist. It's not done with traditional brush strokes but rather spots of paint. He used shadows and bright colors to bring your eyes to details of the tree while making the background with the lake and boats secondary details. His perspective of this scene shows how he was focused on the colors, size and lean of the tree as well as the bright green grass at it's base. The water is not bright blue and the boats are almost all one color forcing viewers to really focus on his perception of this specific tree.
Oil on canvas painting of the artists perspective of a natural scene along the Brittany coast. The use of bright colors and spotted paint versus brush strokes give the painting balance keeping the eye moving in circles around the canvas. There's a great deal of negative space in the sky and brighter colors towards the center of the painting which shows his interpretation of how the colors and light effected this natural scene.
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