CHina's Culture 

by. Harley Hreman

The Phoenix and Dragon are represented as great power in luck for the dragon and the Phoenix is a symbol of renewal, in China's culture and are greatly worshiped.
This Phoenix necklace is not only very interesting but it can show that the wearer is worshiping the Phoenix and is full of life.
The old outfits that the women and men would wear showed what ethnic group they were in just by the colors or the beading or the patterns on the clothing.
In Chinese Culture small feet were seen as a sign of beauty to them and mostly it was the women that could afford to bind their feet that did this and they were seen as very beautiful.
People would see this as art, a way one might style their Bonsai tree would really show off their talents, and they also believe that these are also blessed.
When an artist would paint this they would show that there is joy and optimism from them, people have been creating these flowers for years to show these emotions.
This is the center for Jewish History, a place for worship, beauty, and for they wealthy.
Usually when a person would paint they captured every beauty aspect of the object. They show here what a woman of power might wear and would draw her with flowers that represented her.
The Dragon is worshiped here in the Chinese culture. They even have a festival for them and create a big fire dragon that shows that they worship this symbol of power.
These Gods represent people's religions. They symbols of their ancestors. These different Gods are supposed to preform a different function involved in the everyday life of the community.
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