nature's love story - Kris Crawford

This gallery is to explore the parallels between nature and love. Their common element being contrast, both literally and figuratively. 

This painting depicts some cows and people out in nature. The implication being that things are happy due to them depicted laying down in the light. The contrasting dark areas of the painting there to sneak past your eye.
Photograph of a lake and mountains with rolling clouds in the back. Contrast of the dark mountains and bright clouds, again with bright orangish ground verses the dark blue water. Perfect harmony, as the title suggests.
Drawing depicts a lion beside a peasant with a monkey and snake on the lions back. Contrast being the negative space of the background against the figures, or a fierce lion standing calmly next to an innocent peasant out of compassion.
A nature landscape of green rolling hills with an impending storm in the background. The obvious contrast coming from the beautiful landscape to the impending storm. The storm is getting ready to strike as if to rip out your soul and never text you back. (sorry, too far..)
Landscape almost completely enveloped by grim looking storm clouds. The faint contrast of a ray of sunshine peaking through all of the dark. The last shred of hope.
A depiction of flowers using only white and black. The title saying the memory of nature. The theme being present in the word "Memory", implying that something is gone or void. It's up to you to decide if this picture has more black or more white in it.
Picture of giraffes in captivity. This picture is from a series showing how people loved nature so much we caged it. The contrast here, wild giraffes fenced inside. Loving something too much?
Black and white picture of two tress on a cloudy day. Trees are dark and the clouds are lighter. The tree on the left seems straight and sturdy, tree on the right seems to being trying a little too hard to be close to the tree on the left.
Dog and woman are pictured on the beach while a sunset is happening. The ocean being very bleak and the figures pictured brightly above them. The ocean seems to fade into the sky as you can't tell where the sun is. Unbothered they look on and share their companionship.
A man and his horse rest overlooking a meadow. Clear skies and a sunny day. To finish the theme I chose this picture to represent nature and man in a content state together. Everything is always okay in the end. Although that forest does seem awfully dark off in the distance..
Credits: All media
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