women around the world- Ana Johnson

This gallery includes works of art about women all over the world. Showing the beauty and strength of women, as well as their importance in this world.

In this piece Frida is show with nails all over her body, as well with a broken spine. During the time that this piece was made Frida was undergoing a lot of surgeries as well as depression.
One of the most important women represented in art is Venus. Like in many of the art pieces her private parts are canceled. Venus is a representation of beauty, sex, fertility , and love.
In this piece we see to peasant women. They are confident and dignified women. I love this piece because it shows how amazingly independent women can be without showing skin.
One of the greatest gifts a women is given is being able to bring life into this world. L.A. Ring wanted to paint his wife at important time in their life. His wife looks so graceful.
I couldn't find much on this painting but I looked at this as being a women conflicted with her feelings. Like deep inside she feels lonely and blue.
Showing delicacy and gracefulness, the young greek women looks beautiful.
This piece to me represents breaking barriers. The two ladies seem to be Hindu/Indian. Hindu/Indian women tend to have a lot of rules or demands put upon them.
One of the most important parts of being a woman is sisterhood. This picture shows two tribal women embracing each other. Showing support and care for one another.
Women empower each other and this piece is a great representation of that. I could not find much on this but it seems like three generations learning and teaching about planting and growing flowers.
The name of this piece speaks for itself. Women can be whomever they'd chose to be. They are bigger than this world can even imagine and that's exactly what I feel this piece represents.