This exhibition will show different propaganda pieces from the multiply nations that were involved in World War II. Propaganda is defined as the spreading of information or ideas to help or harm a person, group, or movement. Propaganda is very influential on citizens of a nation because it helps promote a idea that they can rally behind. War propaganda can be used to increase the spirits of the people or promote additional productions for their own war efforts. Both forces used this tactic to help bolster their forces for the war effort. One will be able to compare and contrast the differences between Axis and Allied powers usage of the media to increase production of supplies for their armies.

This is a German piece that shows a tank rolling over both a British and Soviet Union flag. The poster shows the pride Germany had and that they were toppling other nations at the beginning of the war.
This poster shows the different aircraft in the Royal Navy in Great Britain. They are promoting the purchase of war savings, which are similar to the United States's war bonds.
This United States propaganda promotes the recycling and donating of tires to help produce more tires for military vehicles. This piece shows a small sacrifice made by Americans to grow closer to winning.
This is a depiction of a allied truck in the harsh conditions of European winter. The truck is show to be continuing despite the struggle and bringing the soldiers closer to victory. This piece provides a spirit of hope for the people back home.
The poster displays shows military trucks driving through streets in the United States. The poster is trying to show the trucks symbolically pulling the war effort to victory as they leave for Europe.
The propaganda announces to men that are not able to join the military to work on the railroads so they can still help their country in some way. This shows that everyone had a place in war effort, whether military or not.
This illustration is from France after the landing on Normandy and the liberation of France. This piece was used to inspire the allied forces because the regaining of France was taught to be impossible to many.
This is a piece of Nazi propaganda depiction the SS or stormtroopers. the caption translate into "My Honor!" and helped inspire the German troops to fight for Adolph Hitler and the protect the land at all cost.
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