Music is our everything - Jordan smith

In life music is our everything weather we know it or keeps us up then it can also make us frown. Music makes our days go fast our nights go faster, and our life speed on by. Without music life as we know it would be this lackluster boring thing. This gallery shows you music in many ways and how it effects your everyday life.

In this photo you see a woman and a man enjoying each others company by dancing. They are dancing to music. You can tell how happy they are and their having fun because of the colors they chose.
In this photo you see 3 gentlemen playing their saxes which you would believe to be jazz. You can see the way the man in the back is playing is giving it his all and pouring emotions into his play.
In this picture it is clear that a band is playing and it shows you how much their choir director is into their set because they jumped on the table and started directing harder giving you that feel.
This shows a band playing at a venue making themselves happy and the people around them in this late evening set they are playing. The lighting gives you a feel of when it is and what area there in.
I chose this picture more for the meaning behind it. Its hiphop at its best with the open mouth sating you cant hold me back i have the freedom to speak what i chose and please. You cant stop that.
This shows three men in a room with two it looks like yelling over a instrument or piece of work. Music can make you happy it can also make you sad or in this case angry but its still in your life.
This speaks to what my gallery is about music being our everything. This man is teaching his heart out smiling and enjoying teaching music. He made this his everyday life and now loves it.
This picture is different stages of music with the rainbow showing you its beautiful music to your ears in my opnion. This painting is to show you how strong music is in peoples lives.
In this painting i wasnt really sure who this was supposed to be but i knew he had a passion for what he was doing. The teal suit and the stroke of the keys lets you know he is here for a good giving.
This picture symbolizes the creation of music and how it helped raise peoples spirits. It made them look so happy and so glad to be together and celebrate a good time.
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