Vincent Van Gogh

Two people, dressed in black. It looks as if they're walking out of a funeral home, mourning for their dear departed loved one. Yet there is someone in the window watching them. Living off their misery.
A beautiful, yet dull winter.
I see what appears to be the scene after the holocaust. Dull, weak, and weary. With dead people lying in the water, decaying rapidly.
I see a scared little girl. I see bruises on her body so perhaps she was beaten.
The things I see in this picture, is a young couple in love walking beside a dock under the night stars.
In this artwork I basically see a quote, "Don't stress about death. Sit back, have a smoke, and enjoy life while you have it."
I see a vase full of flowers. The top part, lives forever full of wealth, and water, but then there's the bottom. Who struggles to live, and dies trying.;
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