These Paintings Got the Moves

We are going  to take an trip through different paintings that I consider to have a a lot of movement ; creating wonderful eye candy takings us on a ride across the canvas.

As you move around this painting you can see the party with all of it's different happenings, in the bottom right there is a contrast in energy from the party, and above is a peaceful landscape.
the movement around this painting is quite relaxing, first in focus is the crowd at the fair, from there we follow the road back to find a church, sitting on the hill overlooking a beautiful landscape.
Oddly enough in this picture, the chandelier seems direct your eyes up to the architecture which is vague in detail, which helps the finite details in the faces of the attendees stand out.
We start with the setting sun behind the snowy mountains, at the bottom of the mountain is the street that leeds into the town, which is fill with the life of all the different people and activities.
While the man, and woman on the bottom right stand out the most, there is a zig zag movement starting from the couple moving through the crowd, and dropping us off at the waters edge to watch the sail boats.
First will start with this oddly proportioned family, behind them is a house across the foot bridge, which also leads us to the river which is lined with houses, and filled with sail boats.
This picture quite serene, other than the explosion in the middle which happens to be sitting on yet another beautiful landscape, we see at the bottom though a boat of celebrating indians.
This picture is intense, at first glance everything seems to be normal, but as we travel around this painting we notice that there are all of these odd creatures. This painting leaves a lot to imagination.
The artist of this painting make you feel like you are about to walk in the fair. The bright orange entrance draws your eyes in, enough to notice the slide, and how many people are on the stairs waiting.
Here we have a hockey game on a frozen street in front of the market which seems to be busy on this snow day. To the left we can observe the parked cars, and the building lining the streets.
Credits: All media
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