Just a dream

Journey of a simple dream following a theme of fantasy and adventure.

It all starts with foggy clouds as we start to fall asleep and relax, letting everything from the long day go...
As we drift further into sleep, color begins to dance on the edges of our eyelids and paint the entire scene in a soft pink color, relaxing us further into sleep.
All of the sudden the colors change into shapes and figures, further distorting the original relaxing softness of the clouds. However, this created a rather "Pleasant Landscape"
We find ourselves in a "Fantasy".
Sprouting from one of the flowers in the fantasy, we see ourselves as a little girl as little as "Thumbelina, Born in a Flower".
We grow and grow becoming a beautiful fairy.
Seeing all of these strange creations and their mixtures, confusion strikes and creates a dilemma. What will this chaos turn into next?
It could result in a bittersweet death or....
A beautiful adventure with the same characters we meet in the beginning of the fantasy! The path lies in the eye of the dreamer!
Credits: All media
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