The long, drawn out one-point perspective along the shoreline amplifies the length of this scene, both in space and in time.
Here, the artist plays with the lines of perspective to give the scene a warped and abstract look.
The depth of this scene comes exclusively from its perspective, which alternates on the vertical line of the road.
The crispness of the perspective lines, especially along the tops of the buildings, give this scene a very clean and rigid look against the softness of the cloud background.
The unique and warped lines of perspective create an angle of viewing that is cohesive with the abstract construction of the guitar in the scene.
The extreme angle of viewing creates intensely shaped and cramped lines of perspective, making the factory scene seem as claustrophobic and uncomfortable as it is in real life.
The formality of this scene comes from its cleanly defined two-point perspective that can only be seen via the lines of the boat. This also succeeds at drawing the focus to the front of the scene.
The multitude of different building heights reinforce the perspective lines to the vanishing point in this painting.
The length of the perspective lines in this painting before they merge into the light-filled doorway in the back of the scene makes the painting's content very cramped - a theme that would jive well with a factory scene.
The perspective of this scene is bent and more implied in its expression, giving the artist the ability to create a much less formal and almost cartoonish atmosphere in the painting.
The simplicity of this painting comes from its clean perspective lines. The one-point perspective is only reinforced via the corners of the room, and gives the scene a very open feeling.
The lines of perspective in this scene are very clearly defined, giving the scene a very realistic and formalized look.
The perspective lines in this painting are reinforced by the lines of people and stagecoaches traveling along the road.
The two-point perspective of this scene is extreme given that the closer of the two vanishing points is less reinforced by the lines within the painting. This is counterpointed with the focus of the scene (the woman's white hood) to give the scene a very balanced feeling.
The perspective lines in this scene are echoed by the placement of the figures, and draw the eye not only to the vanishing point but the focus of the painting as well.
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