The beauty of death

I chose this topic because people few death very differently. Some people think of beautiful flowers and sweet scents when they think of death but others thing of dark, sad things when it comes to death. How do you view death?

This painting is capturing the last momenets of the Queen. She is surrounded by all of her most prized things. It seems to calm her and make her journey to the next life easier. I picked this because it seem as if she is ok with her death and not trying to fight to be in pain anymore
This painting is very interesting. The woman falls in love with a Native American who doesn't have a christian values and wants to make love to a woman who promised their mother they would not have sex before marriage and would rather die then due so. She's on her death bed and her lover is now whiling to change to keep her. I find this to be the too little too late factor in death. That's when a person tries to make things right before their love one dies.
At death we are wanted by all side good and bad , heaven and hell and we are stuck in the middle. We either listen to the pastor giving us our last rights or follow the demon to the depths of hell. The choice is up to you.
I thought this painting just summed up the cycle of life. Everything is happening in this painting. It shows love and pain in its purest form.
Another painting that shows the last steps of life entering death. This time you have the angel showing the woman the way to go, but death and Satan are trying to make sure they aren't over looked
This is Jesus Christ being tended by two angels after his soul have left his body. Even after his death the children in heaven still cared for him
This is another view of Christ death. This is more of how the children of earth handled Christ death. Even though they knew he would have to leave one day but not this way
After Christ was taken to the tomb the angels came and got him ready to take his travel home to God. I look at it as another way people viewed his homegoing
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