Color Gallery: Lighting in Oil Paintings

A collection of oil paintings that demonstrate how color is used to create various lighting effects.

There are multiple uses of color to portray lighting such as the bright color of the fire and the glow it creates . Above the horizon light can be seen behind the clouds showing a day time or evening scene.
The bright yellows and oranges of the flames contrast greatly against the dark black and blue night sky background. The colors seem to illuminate the area creating a bright light source that creates shadows.
The use of highlights and shadows in this painting create the look of a light source coming from the right.
This painting uses color to portray a slightly dark sky that almost blends with the color of the water. Some bright colors and highlights are used to still show light and shows a day time scene.
Color is used in this painting to show areas of light illuminating through the clouds and trees and lighting part of the road. Areas of shadow are painted in where the trees and clouds are blocking the lighting from the sky.
The color scheme of this painting portrays a large grey cathedral with highlights used to show its features. Lighting is coming from behind and above the architecture.
The use of darker colors blended with lighter blues and oranges in the sky give the effect of sunlight slowly fading behind the clouds and horizon.
This image's color creates a clear light source coming from behind the man in the picture. Darker colors are used to cast a shadow to enhance the effect of lighting.
The colors used in this painting enhance the effect of lighting by making the water look like it reflects some of the light.
This painting shows a partially illuminated sky which fades into darker colors. The landscape also seems to be partially illuminated and fades to shadows which creates the look of an evening scene.
Light is showed in this painting by coloring the moon as the brightest object and creating a glow around it that partially lights an area while making most of the painting dark to portray a night time scene.
The lighting in this painting is created by putting the light source behind the trees and illuminating the area around it. The long shadows cast show an early morning scene.
The lighting in this painting creates a glow throughout that brightly illuminates the center of the image and the people around the light source. The foreground and background are kept dark to show the shadows cast by the light.
The bright colors used in this painting do a good job at creating a bright sky that illuminates the landscape. Highlights in the snow help to enhance the lighting created.
The dark colors used in this painting show a grey landscape with little light. The brighter colors in the sky and reflected by the water are the only light used while the Parliament building is a dark silhouette against the horizon.
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