Elements of art

I have neither given nor recieved unauthroized aid on this work. -Nasia Mash

Line - The lines are descriptive outlines. In the middle of the artwork, the lines are closer together, unlike the outside of the yellow circle. Some of the lines are curvy for the details of the hands & face.
Shape - There are geometric shapes which include the heads of the animals and their facials. There's also organic shapes in the background which has clouds. They are all positive shapes because they're defined by objects.
Color - The primary colors within the artwork include blue and yellow. The colors are bright and shining, other than the black in it. I believe that the artist used monochromatic colors of blue to create the painting.
Form - The shapes in the painting are three-dimensional. The shapes are shortened a bit to make it look like it's more three-dimensional, so it's foreshortened. The shapes look organic because they're freely drawn and don't look geometric.
Space - The painting is very spacious, with miles of land in the background. It has a foreground, middleground, and a background so it's considered space in three-dimensional art. It is also considered empty-form because it's outdoors and the size and form is determined by the objects in the painting.
Value - The lady is three-dimensional because of chiaroscuro, as known as shading. The artist used dark and light colors of black,blue,white, and more to create the lightness and darkness of the shapes.
Texture - The texture of the background is matte. The moths are simulated textures because if you look closely they are fuzzy and soft-looking, almost as if you could touch them. The bodies of the moths look as if you could hold them in your hand.
Credits: All media
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