INK Wash WateRfalls

This is a collection of ink wash paintings that demonstrate techniques of contrast, abstraction, line, and expression to create distorted and expressive compositions.  All are unified because of their techniques and subject matter.  The last example is contemporary one of a waterfall, using similar techniques of contrast, line and abstraction.  This group of images allows us to begin thinking about different ways of thinking about nature and water across cultures and mediums. 

The intense contrast of color and shape creates a highly expressive sense of energy. The positive black shape is abstract and hard to identify at first. You have to meditate on it. - byron
A European example of a ink drawing using line as the way to express shape and movement also shows a waterfall.
The title, "Precipice", provides a sense of what we are looking at. Abstraction and contrast distorts our sense of space, giving the sense of vertigo one might feel standing at the edge of a cliff.
Here is a contemporary example of similar subject matter, a waterfall, that also uses contrast as means of composition. The blue and orange are complimentary and produce a high contrast of line. - Byron
Credits: All media
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